These Mind-Boggling Mashups Create Hilarious Super Celebs

Starring Robert DeSpacey!

Graphic artist Gesichtermix is blowing us away with his awesome celebrity mashups and Adobe Photoshop skills.

In an email, he explained that he also uses a program from 1998 called "morpher" and Bitmap (.bmp) files, since the program isn't even compatible with JPEGS.

We've never seen mash ups done quite like this! Let's check out some of the best.


Starring in the next season of "House Of Raging Bulls," Robert DeSpacey.

This would make for one hilarious Superman. Henry Meyers anybody?

If this duo combined full time, we're not sure if anyone else could ever win an Oscar. Ladies and gentlemen: Ben Day Lewis.

Jeremy Pine, leading the next Harley Star Trek fleet.

Not only will the ladies go crazy for this mashup, this one can also crank out some new hits for "23 Blurred Lines Street." Meet Pharrell Tatum.

This one is so trippy. Meet Brendan Williams.

The next big action star! Pierce Sutherland.

Shaquille O'50 Cent would make for one mean basketball, rapping superstar.

You can see all the mashups on his Instagram page here.


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