10 Bar Signs That Will Make You Do A Double Take

In vino veritas.

Bars didn't always have cute outdoor sandwich boards to lure customers in. That's because bars used to be deliciously seedy dens of iniquity, where shifty miscreants, pool sharks, whiskey-eyed writers, and former vice cops on their last pension checks would sit around — inhaling their amber anesthetics, listening to sad songs on the jukebox.

Nowadays, however, bars are well-lit places where people say things like "craft beer" and "mixology." Some of the best DIY ad signage has been developed in order to tempt people into these well-loved watering holes.

Here are a few of our favorites, as found on Imgur. Cheers.


1. If there's free bacon, YOU GO INTO THE BAR.

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2. I wanted a cold beer, not the cold, hard truth.

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3. These guys got your back.

GG Bar Sign

4. Brilliant.

A sign in my local bar...

5. The oldest lie...

a sign by the dancefloor at a bar I went to.

6. What could be more romantic?

Was told to make a Valentines Day sign for the bar I work at.

7. Beers > bears.

most convincing bar sign ever

(awww...okay, not this bear.)

8. Old school.

The sign that tells you, you found the right bar.

9. There goes your career. And your marriage. And your self-esteem.

sign at my local bar

10. Hopefully the last stoner/footwear pun you'll see today.

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