11 Baby Announcements That Absolutely Nailed It

We'd tell parents to simmer down, but we're kind of enjoying these.

Baby announcements are probably the worst thing to happen to social media/photography/the creation of human life since American bridal culture decided getting engaged meant mandatory pumpkin-patch-at-sunset-with-scrabble-letters-and-some-random-dog photoshoots. New babies usually aren't even that cute — they look like overripe fruit, honestly — but for some reason, they've become the missiles in their parents' surreal kitschy announcement arms race.

Occasionally though, we're kind of into it.

Here are some new parents' announcements that we had to admit we liked, along with some that dive-bombed so violently off into the deep end, we had to salute them for obliterating all social conventions.

1. Movie poster announcements are a popular, if slightly misguided, choice.

A much too popular choice.

2. "Music by Sigur Ros."

3. Oooooh we get it.

4. Inciting rivalries early on is a good approach too.

5. Paternal responsibility is a big theme...

6. ...Or lack thereof.

7. So that's where they come from!

8. The only one that's ever made us go "Awww."

9. Product placement is a recurring theme.

10. The new one's probably the most solidly built.


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