12 Relatable Comics That Speak To Life's Mysteries And All Sorts Of Silliness

We can't stop laughing.

From dealing with your "cool" boss' demands to waiting "forever" for a friend to shop, one incredibly relatable comic series perfectly sums up all of life's ridiculousness. 

In a series of images shared on Instagram, Fun Fact Comics delves into an array of topics: life's mysteries, friendship, love, productivity, jobs, and beyond. 

For example, in one image, Fun Fact Comics shows what happens when we wake up feeling super productive, but end up binge-watching Netflix and flying through seasons of our favorite show.


In another, the artist illustrates finding all our missing socks in the laundry (seriously, how does that even happen?):

Evidently, Fun Fact Comics and its stories have resonated with people: the Instagram account has nearly 8,000 followers, with people leaving their praise in the comments.

"This is so funny! I have the biggest grin on my face after reading this. Thank you," one person writes.  

Check out some of our favorites below and find more of Fun Fact Comics here

(H/T: Bored Panda)

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