With Marbles And An Open Desert, These Guys Built Our Solar System To Scale

Black Rock Desert isn't just for Burning Man.

The solar system is quiet big, but then again the size of everything is pretty relative — if you want to feel very, very small, go check out our cosmic address and curl up into a ball. For now, let's focus on the Sun and our neighboring planets.

A small group of friends realized that in basically every image of the solar system available, nothing is ever depicted according to scale. They thought that was a bit of a shame, so they set out to create a real model to scale in the middle of the desert and took a time lapse to show what the planets orbiting the Sun really look like.


Here's what most images of Earth and the Moon look like. Very close together.

But in reality, they look a lot more like this.

So how far away are the Sun and the other planets then?

If Earth stays that same size (like a marble), here's what the inner planets' orbits look like. Those dots near the Sun are cars.

And here's the full Solar System (minus Pluto) to scale. It occupies seven miles of empty space.

Check out the construction of the model in the full video below:

(H/T: Reddit)

Cover image: "To Scale" via YouTube

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