The Cast Of 'Full House' Answer Fan Questions And Reveal Tales From Set

"Kimmy Gibbler had the most atrocious wardrobe, ever."

It's been more than twenty years since Full House wrapped up its eight seasons on ABC, but the cast is still completely relevant to our lives, whether we're watching reruns or new episodes of Fuller House on Netflix

Now, Full House cast members are sitting down with BuzzFeed to answer some fan questions, including ones about first impressions, details of the set, and their favorite memories. 


First up, the cast talks about their first impressions of one another, which leads to Dave Coulier, aka Uncle Joey, doing some impressions. Then, Candace Cameron Bure, aka D.J. Tanner, admits that she was familiar with John Stamos, aka Uncle Jesse, prior to the show because her sisters were big fans. 

Then, the cast reflects on some of the fashions from filming, including the questionable ones.

"Kimmy Gibbler had the most atrocious wardrobe, ever," Andrea Barber, who played Gibbler, says. 

After answering some more questions about set souvenirs, working with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, as well as some of their signature phrases, the cast members talk about appearing on Fuller House 20 years later. 

"Never thought it [would happen] in my life, and so happy I get to," Cameron Bure says. 

Check out all this and more from the cast in the full video below:


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