Full Emoji Keyboards Now Exist, Because You Definitely Needed One

Talk in images even more than you did before.

Emoji keyboards already exist in some sense, but only on mobile devices where the main way to type is with your thumbs. And with such small screens, it makes perfect sense to communicate via faces and images more than you normally would. As for typing on a laptop or desktop computer, though, keyboards for the most part have always stayed the same in terms of the characters they allow you to punch in. Now comes an innovation set to extend the emoji craze to more regular typing: a company called EmojiWorks has developed an emoji keyboard that syncs with most Apple devices.

The Austin, Texas-based company is offering a base model with 47 "common emoji" such as the thumbs up, smiley faces, heart, and so on, for $90. There's also a plus edition that doubles the emoji offering, and even higher version that jams more than 120 options next to your normal keyboard letters, numbers, and punctuation. As for why such a creation is necessary, the EmojiWorks website says, "We didn't build a keyboard that has emoji, we built your life looking back at you from little square keys ... The keys on the Emoji Keyboard reflect the vast range of emotional experiences you have.

These cartoonish characters are already a huge part of our lives, for better or for worse. So much so that they inspire us to do things such as reimagine classic movie posters with emojis, dress up like emojis for Halloween, and even bring emojis to life. Soon, with inventions such as the Emoji Keyboard bringing the obsession to more and more conversations, we won't write in letters or numbers at all anymore. Soon, you won't even be able to understand the weird squiggly lines being used in this "sentence" at all.

Cover image: EmojiWorks via YouTube

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