Syrian Refugees Need Our Help: New Video Shows What ISIS Is Really Doing

A Frontline reports pulls the curtain back.

Over the last few weeks, much debate has taken place over what America and the world should do to help the millions of Syrian refugees. But one "FRONTLINE" report shows just how desperate the situation is for some. 

The short video tells the story of Omar, a 14-year-old boy whose hometown in Syria was captured by ISIS. Omar recalls the frightening scenes that took place after he refused to fight for ISIS.

"They put my hand on a wooden block," he said. "And cut off my hand with a butcher's knife. Then they cut off my foot, and put them both in front of me to see."

Omar shows "FRONTLINE" pictures on his phone of his injuries and even the man who cut off his limbs. Shortly after the attack, Omar escaped and made it to his family in Turkey. ISIS is still reportedly now using him as an example to scare other children into joining up forces with the militant group.

While Omar's story is frightening and unpleasant in almost every way, it's also an important reminder of who Syrian refugees really are: they are people running from same terrorist organization that many Americans fear. Omar is just one of the children, women and men who have had to flee from Syria in order to protect themselves. 

Regardless of whether you believe the United States should take in thousands of refugees, one must try and find empathy for the millions of people like Omar.

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Watch the video:


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