Couple Designs A Bikini Top That Allows Beachgoers To Free The Nipple


Nipple [ˈni-pəl]: either one of the two small, round parts on a person's chest that are darker in color than the area around them.

When you look in the dictionary, everything looks so logical and simple. However, we all know that in real life it's much more complicated, that the nipple is surrounded by a huge controversy, stuck in the middle of an ongoing debate as a significant token of gender inequality, and double standards of male and female sexuality.

Recently, it's been gaining a lot of momentum with spokespeople such as Miley Cyrus, Chrissy Teigen and others advocating for nipplequality (sorry, we had to do this), and supporting the famous #FreeTheNipple movement. But this time it's not about celebrities. 

It's about regular people fighting for the right to express themselves.


Meet Robyn and Michelle Lytle, a Chicago-based couple that's aiming to change the way we think, speak and free the nipple once and for all.

ZOMG! Are these chicks naked? No, and that's the whole point behind their business ...

Robyn and Michelle are the proud founders of TaTa Top, a fashion brand that sells 'the breast bikini tops' in the world.

Intrigued? Keep on reading to learn more...

In other words, TaTa Top sells bikini tops with realistic nipples printed on them to create the illusion of a bare chest. Is it working? You tell us.

TaTa Tops come in three different tones: light, medium and dark, and sell at $28 a piece.

According to the couple's website, the idea to create TaTa Top was born after one summer when Robyn spent time with some exchange students from the Netherlands.

One day Robyn decided to take her guests to one of Chicago's beaches, but little did she know their trip to the shore would cause such mayhem. Because the Dutch girls weren't familiar with the topless laws in the U.S., they didn't even pause before taking their bras off and hitting the water:

"Chaos ensued and a male lifeguard told them they had to leave unless they covered their nipples. Once he realized they were visiting from abroad, he explained that 'it's illegal to expose nipples in America,'" the Lytles remember.

But the foreign guests were confused: how can a man tell them to cover up when he's standing there with his own nipples exposed? They asked Robyn to explain the law.

Thing is, she couldn't: 'She was stumped. It was just how things had always been …'

Outraged by the law's stupidity, Lytles decided to create something that would 'stir things up' and make society question rooted social norms. Thus, TaTa Top was born.

'The top allows all women to support the Free the Nipple movement and make a statement for gender equality — even those who might not be ready for full exposure [or] who don't want to risk arrest and fines,' Robyn told Mic.

But TaTa Top isn't just another cheeky way to poke fun at society's double standards. The company simultaneously raises awareness on two important issues: women's rights and breast cancer.

'It’s great to create a product that makes people laugh, but it’s even better to be able to do something very serious with that success. For each TaTa Top sold, $5 goes directly towards supporting one of our partnered organizations, and this is what it’s all about!' the Lytles write on their website.

Would you rock it?

(H/T: Mic)


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