He Travels Across The Country Just So He Can Give Away One Thing For Free


The best things in life are free — especially when they are hugs. 

That's why Arié Moyal has been traveling across the country for two weeks giving out free hugs to anyone who wants one. 

Here is Moyal in New York City, making people feel good on the subways.

But Moyal's hugs do more than just make people smile. They promote mental health awareness as part of a mission called HugTrain USA. 

In 2009, Moyal founded HugTrain USA with the goal to distribute and facilitate the exchange of hugs across America. On his website, Moyal says hugging can "offer a different perspective on the world," and that by sharing YouTube videos like this one, he can help "connect people online and offline."

Now, that's a message worth hugging about. 

(H/T: HooplaHa)


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