Frat Brothers Take Turns Carrying Their Friend To The Top Of A Mountain. Here's Why.

A beautiful story.

Joey Mullaney, a junior at Quinnipiac University, "never saw the top of Sleeping Giant; a staple of the QU community," according to a video released by the university's Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity chapter.

The video also explains that Mullaney was born with Friedreich's Ataxia, a disease that damages the nervous system.

It has left him in a wheelchair.


At Quinnipiac, it is a rite of passage to climb to the top of Sleeping Giant, the Huffington Post reports.

Because of his condition, "Joey thought he couldn't climb [it]," the online publication's Reba Riley writes.

But his fraternity brothers had a surprise that would prove him wrong...

"All the brothers just surrounded his car, we kinda surprised him. His face was in absolute shock," Sigma Phi Epsilon's Jon Nanna says in the video. 

"And then from that point on we just took turns, one by one, carrying him on our back up the mountain until we got to the top."

Another brother, Matt Blumenthal, says in the video that Mullaney brings a positive attitude to life and those around him, and just knowing him is inspiring.

"He never has an excuse for not being able to do something... He makes everyone so grateful to have what they have and to really push themselves... [and to] just take advantage of every day," he explains.

But what this fraternity did is inspiring, too.

"They know that I physically can't get up there, so to be able to have them help me get up there was incredible... We say we're brothers for life but they really are," Mullaney says.

In the video, the brothers can be seen and heard cheering, high-fiving, and appreciating the gorgeous view from the top.

This October, the fraternity will host an event called "RideATAXIA + Connecticut" to help raise money towards finding a cure for Friedreich's Ataxia. Learn more or donate here.

And "With the help of this and events like this, hopefully one day I`ll be able to run up that mountain," Mullaney tells Fox CT.

And be sure to watch the full video below:

(H/T: TFM)

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