Cat Has Typical Cat Reaction After Its Owner Built It A Castle To Play In

"He's a prince — he's allowed to be fussy."

Frances Ratner likes to make toys for her cat, Princess Peachblossom. She frequently makes pom-poms for him to play with, but she recently decided to make something extra special for the 6-month-old kitty.


She decided to construct a cat castle for him.

The elaborate cat house was constructed out of cardboard and featured multiple floors, windows, and a realistic-looking roof, It even had a functional balcony.

Commenters on the PrincePeachblossom Instagram account may have been impressed with Ratner's homemade structure, but Prince Peachblossom had a different reaction.

Ratner revealed that her kitten played in the house for all of 10 minutes and he has since ignored it completely.

In the time that he did play in it, he managed to chew some of the windows and claw the house.

Even though Prince Peachblossom didn't love the house the way Ratner probably hoped he would, she doesn't mind. She told Buzzfeed:

"He’s a prince — he’s allowed to be fussy."

(H/T: Distractify)

Check out an amazing cat video below:


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