Frances Bean Cobain Shares An Original Song On The Anniversary Of Her Father’s Death

"I think I saw you when I was small."

A day before the anniversary of her father Kurt Cobain's passing, Frances Bean Cobain shared a clip of an original song.

Frances Bean took to her Instagram account with the caption: "I'm SUPER restless because I can't play guitar with long nails so I'm just sitting in my room alone singin' to mah self [sic]." She adds that she doesn't have a television in her house, and because of that, she is "forced to occupy my time with things that feed my brain and soul instead of wasting energy on thinking about not having to think." The clip has since been deleted. 


In it, she sang the lyrics with power in her voice: 

"I think I saw you when I was small / I think I found you / A penny for your good thoughts / I think I found you / Jesus hangs in your place on the cross / All these hinges become unscrewed / Heaven knows it was a cage on earth." 

Pitchfork also notes from NME that Frances Bean shared "a very freak deeky" set of lyrics in the comments section: "Stable sable sold her heart / No one asks her why she hides it in a casket in her house in a box / Find a fiend who reigns supreme in May / Fast enough for blooming buds to lay their eggs."

Finally, Frances Bean asked her followers: "[Please] don't steal my baby bean of an idea. Thanks."  

The clip came nearly two months after she marked her anniversary of being sober for two years. And people had since shared thousands of comments on the video, sharing both their words for her father and for her talent:

"You have an amazing voice. Peace and love to you today and always," one person wrote. 

"Talent runs in your beautiful family," another said. 

"I want this song [on] my playlist. Frances, it is beautiful," another added.

And on Thursday, Nirvana also took to Twitter to honor Kurt's memory, writing this message: 

We love that Frances briefly shared her work with us. 

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