Artist Beautifully Illustrates Deep, Dark Fears Submitted By People Online

Have you ever experienced any of these?

Back in 2014, we covered a series of illustrations created by Los Angeles-based artist Fran Krause and titled Deep Dark Fears. Everything from biting off your tongue when falling to chopping off fingers when skating and more.

But guess what? Since then, Krause's portfolio has been filled with even more peculiar fears and anxieties from people all around the world.

Check out some of our new favorites below and be sure to submit yours if you have one!

"Driving late at night, I worry the tail lights I'm following belong to a ghost car that will lead me off a cliff."

"I have two kids. I secretly worry that every baby is born with genius-level IQ, but each time their heads get bumped, they lose a little bit of their smarts."

"If your fingers slip while you're holding a knife, don't try to catch it in mid-air."

"My kitchen has a black and white checkered floor. When I go in there late at night, I only step on the white tiles because it looks like I'd fall through the others."

"When I was a kid, we had a folding bed. I worried it would close with me inside. Years later, my parents would find my mummified remains."

"When I'm shaving my legs and I get to the tight tendon behind my knee, I worry I'll nick it with my razor and the muscle would roll up like a window shade."

"Every night, my older sister told me a story: my whole life was just a hallucination. I was actually just a brain in a jar, and she was a scientist who felt sorry for me and sent me messages."

"When the dentist numbs my mouth, I need to be very careful. I lose all feeling in my lips and I wouldn't want to accidentally eat them."

"Whenever I go to the movie theater, I rest my chin on my hand. That way, no one can sneak up behind me and strangle me with a cord."

"I live alone. When I have to go to the bathroom late at night, I worry that when I go back to bed, someone will be waiting there."

"When I was 9, my cousin told me that if I slept on my left side, my other organs would crush my heart. I always sleep on my right side."


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