This Fox Just Will Not Stop Stealing This Guy's Golf Bag And It's Too Good

You a fool for this one fox!

Here's just the most perfect mash up for your life.


So a guy was playing golf and a pesky fox decided to have a little fun with him.

At first, the fox sneakily walks up to the golf bag, waiting for the opportune moment. Once he grabs the bag, he takes off, but then realizes no one is chasing him.

So he waits a second for someone to notice, makes the guy chase him, then drops the bag and takes off in the other direction.

This goes on a number of times and each time, the fox gets a little more daring. We don't think he has any intention of actually stealing the bag, he just wants to be a giant pain the butt. Just wait until the end when the fox hilariously flips the script.

But this funny video is even better when you watch along with the ol' classic "Yakety Sax."

So here's what you gotta do.

Press play on the song below:

And now watch this gif:

Swiper... No Swiping!

If you would like an extended laugh, you can watch the full video below too.

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