Fox23 Reporter Follows Developing Love Story During Flight Delay

Even the airline got in on it.

Earlier this week, Fox23 News Anchor Martina Del Bonta was getting on a flight back to Tulsa when she overheard two Oral Roberts University students flirting. So, naturally, she started tweeting.

What began as some good fun ended in a real-life matchmaking session that took place in front of the entire Internet. By the time it was all said and done, Del Bonta was fielding offers from companies like Southwest to hook the two up with a free date. Apparently, her matchmaking skills are on point. 


Here is how it all went down:

Then the plot thickened:

Then she got her creeper pic:

Suddenly, Del Bonta becomes invested.

Then the Internet got involved.

They took off but Del Bonta wouldn't be stopped.

Things get tense.

And a smooth landing.


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