4-Year-Old Gets Bravery Award For Phoning Ambulance After Her Pregnant Mom Fell Down The Stairs

Good thing she knew exactly what to do.

On November 12, then 3-year-old Emma Bazzard made a potentially life-saving phone call for her mother Catherine. Emma's mom, who was pregnant at the time, had been knocked unconscious after she fell down the stairs in their home in Nailsea, Somerset. 

Emma promptly dialed 999 for emergency services and stayed on the line with agent Sarah Morris for 11 minutes, answering a series of questions like "Is mummy breathing?" and "Do you know where mummy is hurt, apart from her head?" 

Emma was able to answer the questions calmly and provide emergency services their home address so that an ambulance crew could arrive and give her mother immediate medical attention.  

According to The Guardian, Emma even made sure to unlock the door in advance so the crew could easily and quickly get into the house. 


Listen to Emma's amazing call to 999 here:

Now Emma is 4 and being offered a bravery award for her actions. A well-deserved honor, considering many toddlers would not have been so calm and brave in such a tense moment. 

Well done, Emma! 


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