This Ad About Sharing School Lunches Make An Important Point About Foster Care

"Nothing is better than a good network and community."

Right now, there are about 428,000 children in foster care in the United States alone. Worldwide, there are about 140 million kids classified as orphans, according to UNICEF. Clearly, this is an issue worthy of all our attention, especially because most of these children remain in state care for nearly two years. 

While there are various ways to start conversations about foster care — from open letters, to benefits, to campaigns — one Norwegian organization has caught the attention of millions with a viral heartwarming ad highlighting the importance of developing a nurturing community. 

In the ad, kids begin to get their lunches out at school. However, one boy opens his lunch to find nothing inside. So, he leaves the room, visibly upset.


When he goes back inside the classroom, he finds his lunchbox filled with food.

He realizes that the other kids have taken part of their own lunches and given it to him.

The heartwarming ad was posted on the Fosterhjem (foster care) Facebook page and relays the message, "Nothing is better than a good network and community. Let's help each other!" 

The ad ends with these words:  "Solutions are often closer than you think. Now we need more foster homes, preferably in the children's immediate environment."

The ad was posted on May 26 and has received almost 4 million views. The widespread attention will hopefully bring awareness to the huge number of kids in foster care in need of loving environments, and what a simple act of kindness can do for another. 


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