After He Finally Found A Family, This Boy Decided To Help Foster Kids Just Like Him

"He was delivered to our door, holding a half-filled garbage bag containing everything he owned."

This is Robbie.


But before we get to this adopted boy's happy ending, we have to tell you how he got there.

The story of how my son joined our family

Two months ago, Robbie's dad posted on Imgur to tell us the beautiful story. He says his wife first met the little boy in her second grade class in Delaware.

"A social worker explained to my wife that he was 4 years old when he was taken away from his drug-addicted, homeless, criminal parents," elaborates Rob's father. "Since then, he has been in at least six different foster homes, some better than others."

However, the next summer, his wife found out that Robbie's foster parents got divorced and he was headed back into the system. 

That's when they decided they would adopt the child and call him their son. 

My favorite

Robbie soon blossomed into a stellar cross country runner.

Breaking five minutes

He even met NFL player Michael Oher, whose story, similar to Robbie's, was told in the movie "The Blind Side."

With Michael Oher

Then the family brought a new baby sister into the world and he was no longer an only child.

Sledding with his sister

The two got along swimmingly.

They emailed this photo to me while I was working

After living the life of an orphan and becoming part of a real family, Robbie decided he wanted to return the favor.

His dad explained on Imgur, "Rob and I were building something in the workshop, when he starts talking about what it's like to be a foster kid during the holidays. He said one year, at one family, he had to sit under the tree, on Christmas morning, and be happy for the biological kids who were opening presents, but he received nothing."

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So, they got to work to make the lives of foster kids a little better on the holidays.

Article about Presets from Robbie

But it didn't stop there. Robbie and his dad helped match up over 200 Secret Santa's to deliver presents to 136 children.

Presents from Robbie

They also took part in The Salvation Army's Bellringer program, but the dog was a bit afraid of the bell. Big baby.

Ringing the Bell

Now Robbie is training to be an instructor for the Air Force's SERE program. He has already passed the fitness tests. Good luck!

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