We Hope This Artist's Beautiful, Giant Food-Shaped Hats Are A 2016 Trend

And now we're hungry.

If there's anything crochet extraordinaire Phil Ferguson likes doing, it's keeping warm and making people hungry. The Melbourne-based artist creates whimsical food-shaped headgear that is at times too delightfully ridiculous for us to wrap our minds around.

Ferguson told Instagram's blog his pieces were inspired by "RuPaul's Drag Race." 

"I started watching the TV show 'RuPaul's Drag Race' and got a real appreciation for drag," he said. "I was thinking of different sorts of hats that I could create a character with."

He also whips up these culinary creations more quickly than you might expect. He never spends more than a day on a piece, saying, "I don't plan or sketch, I just do. I usually sit there for hours on end just so I can finish one hat in a sitting."

The mopey looks on his face are what really bring his pieces together. They're high fashion meets bored toddler deciding which meltdown template to employ next. His expression reads "Food crocheting is high art," but also "I'm really disappointed in my favorite band's weak sophomore album."

Check out his angsty pizza faces:



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