9 Images Of Food That Will Remind You To Trust No One

How is #3 real???

Life is full of disappointments: Santa Claus isn't real, crossing your eyes won't make you cross-eyed, gum won't stay in your stomach for seven years, and going outside with wet hair won't actually give you a cold. SO. MANY. LIES. 

Sadly, it's not just your parents you can't trust. Your food's packaging has been lying to you too. 

For those of you who are all like "ignorance is bliss" or whatever, close this tab. For everyone else, here are images that prove you can't even trust comfort food. Sorry. 


1. This cheeseburger's cheese.

2. Cup Noodle is half air.

3. 100 percent juice? You mean 100 percent lies.

4. This seedless watermelon has tons of seeds.

5. A footlong isn't always actually a foot.

6. This disappointment:

7. Twinkies can rot, despite the myth that they stay fresh for decades.

8. Baby carrots are just normal carrots chopped up.

9. Fruit loops are all the same flavor.

(H/T: Imgur user SithRuleofTwo)

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