Take A Second Look At These Mini Japanese Entrees To Realize They're Actually Cookies

Insanely impressive.

Chikoto Kawakami's work may look like Japanese entrees but, in fact, they're far from it. 

Kawakami's Instagram account features an array of miniature cookies made to look like Japanese dishes such as "pork katsudon, sushi sets, soba noodles and chirashi don," Mashable reports

In many of the images, the bottom portion of the cookie doubles as a bowl, a plate, or a serving platter, with icing decorations to create the appearance of soup, noodles, fish, wasabi, and beyond. 

Moreover, the intricate and delicate qualities of the cookies, highlighted by their size (bite-sized pieces Kawakami holds with two fingers) further show just how artistically talented he is. 

All in all, they'll surprise you, make you smile, and — perhaps most of all — make you very, very hungry.

Check out more images below:

(H/T: Cosmopolitan)


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