Anti-Gay Protestors Tried To Spoil Foo Fighters' Show. The Band Shut Them Right Up.


Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters have had a pretty eventful summer. First Dave broke his leg mid-performance and kept playing. Then he invited a fan onstage at another show to play drums for a song. For good measure, just a few weeks later, he called another fan onstage after spotting him tearfully singing along to "My Hero."

Without even trying to, the group keeps making headlines with their selfless attitude and commitment to what they do best. Their latest included a tried-and-true trick: the rickroll.


Ultra-conservative members of the Westboro Baptist Church showed up to protest Foo Fighters' Kansas City, Mo., show.

Enter the Foo Fighters on their truck chariot, blasting a familiar tune.

Their signs spoke a little louder.

Their outfits were better too.

Check out the full rickroll below:

(H/T: Mashable)

Cover image: adamisntdumb via YouTube


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