Take A Look At These Gorgeous Lipsticks With Flowers Locked Inside

Something fresh for your makeup bag.

You may wear floral-scented perfume or have a range of flowery skirts and tops hanging in your closet, but we bet you haven't worn any lipsticks with actual flowers preserved inside of them ... yet. 

Now, cosmetics distributor Kailijumei has a collection of lipsticks with various flowers elegantly showcased inside, including clear moisturizing balms you're sure to covet. 


But the flowers aren't their only trick: according to Kailijumei, their lipsticks "change color according to your temperature," which opens up an entirely new range of possibilities. 

A swatch from one Instagram post describes how the product appears glossy and pink at first, but lightens as you get colder. 

All things considered, the multi-purpose pieces are perfect to show off to your friends, to hang onto as a keepsake or to wear confidently during any season. 

What's not to love?

(H/T: Mashable)

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