When A College Softball Team’s Bus Broke Down, Their Next Opponents Came To The Rescue

Now that's a home run.

We don't normally see rival sports teams collaborating before a big game, but when the University of Oregon women's softball team needed a little help, Florida State's team came to the rescue.

The night before the teams were to face off at the Women's College World Series, Oregon's bus broke down, the Bradenton Herald reports. So Florida State lent them theirs.


And in a second display of sportsmanship, Florida State's head coach, Lonni Alameda, returned to the bus to pick up a jersey one of the Oregon players left behind. 

Since then, Oregon has been eliminated from the series, but Florida State will play Washington in the finals Monday night. 

This isn't the first time we've seen acts of such great sportsmanship make headlines: in 2016, young soccer players displayed their kindness after a victory by consoling the losing team. That same year, tennis player Jack Sock told his opponent to challenge a call that would eventually give them a point.

We applaud moments like these within the sports world — and all industries — that show kindness and honesty should always be our priority. 

Cover image: sirtravelalot / Shutterstock.com

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