As Florida Prepared For Irma, Man's Act Of Kindness For Stranger In Need Went Viral

“He’s an angel from God is what he is."

As residents of south Florida prepared Hurricane Irma to make landfall, people stocked up on necessities they might need should the storm knock out power and cause severe flooding in the area.

On September 7, Floridian Ramon Santiago was preparing to purchase a generator from a Lowe's store in the Conway section of Orlando when he saw another customer, Pam Brekke, burst into tears.

According to HuffPost, Brekke had been desperately searching for a generator in an effort to secure her father's oxygen supply should his Sanford home lose power once the hurricane hits. When Brekke realized she had just missed out on buying the potentially life-saving device, panic set in and she started to cry.

"My father is on oxygen and I'm worried about this storm," she told North Carolina news station WRAL.

Upon seeing Brekke in distress, Santiago handed over his generator without even asking why she was so upset. The tear-jerking moment was caught on camera by WFTV reporter Nancy Alvarez


As you can see in the video above, which has been viewed upwards of 16 million times, Santiago embraces Brekke and reassures her that "everything is fine." Following the hug Brekke thanks Santiago and tells the camera, "That's a beautiful man right there."

As one commenter put it, this interaction is "humanity at its best."

Though a language barrier prevented Brekke and Santiago from having a more in-depth exchange, Brekke made it known she was beyond grateful for this complete stranger's selfless gesture. 

"He's an angel from God is what he is," Brekke explained to WRAL. "I'm very overwhelmed by that man. He's helping our family."

The folks at WFTV were so moved by Santiago's selflessness that they surprised him with his own generator from Lowes on September 8.

Ramon thanked them profusely and said, in Spanish, that he was happy his first generator went to someone who really needed it.

We've seen countless acts of kindness like this as Texas begins rebuilding following Hurricane Harvey, and it's already clear that Floridians, too, are stepping up to the plate.

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