Florida Officials Take To Facebook To Find Owner Of This Modern Stone Age Vehicle

Yabba-dabba-don't park there, please.

Facebook/Picasaweb: Pop culture 666.6


City officials in Key West, Fla., took to Facebook to locate the owner of an illegally parked Flintstones vehicle that police were forced to ticket, as it was blocking what appeared to be a driveway.

This isn't the Stone Age. You can't just park anywhere you please.

"It is illegally parked in the public right of way," officials posted on City of Key West's Facebook wall. "It's been red tagged, but the City would really like to find the owner before we have to take it away. The owner has not yet come forward."

Fortunately, the owner was located.

Is that thing even street legal? 

Cover photo via City of Key West Facebook / Picasa user Popculture 666.6


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