This Amusing Short Film Pokes Fun At Frustrating Everyday Situations By Creating Absurd Endings

Based on the reaction so far, it'll either make you laugh or feel infuriated.

A balloon that hits a cactus's spikes would pop, right? 

Not in this film. 

Florent Porta's short film "Preposterous" takes an amusing approach toward frustrating situations by recreating the conclusion to be the last outcome you'd expect. In the "Preposterous" world, a cup breaks the floor it lands on and a tower of cards is able to blow a fan away. The impossible is possible in this short and that's why it's fantastic.

"'Preposterous' is a short about absurdity," the Parisian filmmaker wrote on the film's Vimeo description. "Random short scenes that do not make any sense."

The unexpected endings were intended to make you smile, but Porta has received mixed reviews about his 50-second animated short crafted in Cinema 4D.

"I've heard from people who felt tension and being infuriated about the scenes, but that wasn't the purpose," he told Wired

"It makes me laugh," he continued. "I'm not sadistic!" 


You can check it out below:

(H/T: Wired)


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