Thanks To Her Fitbit And Elevated Heart Rate, A Woman Discovered She Was Unexpectedly Expecting

Not just for exercise.

When Ivonne was relaxing one day, she noticed something peculiar about her heart rate.

Other than being the most pleasantly happy wrist-wear, her Fitbit recorded an elevated heart rate.

So, she naturally wondered, how could that be possible if she was relaxing?

Well, her husband, David, explained to BuzzFeed that the couple had been trying to have a baby in the past few months.

As BuzzFeed reported, Ivonne's heart rate went "up to 110 beats a minute." A normal resting heart rate for an adult is about 60 to 100, as per WebMD.

Perplexed, David took to Fitbit's Reddit page to inquire with some other users about what was happening.

That's when a few users began suggesting that she may be pregnant.

The couple thought that it might be a possibility, so Ivonne decided to try a pregnancy test.

Lo and behold, the test came back positive!

Fitbit, bringing joy to lives in more ways than one.


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