Fish Gape Has Replaced Duck Face As The Official Face Of Instagram

Long live fish gape.

You know that face you see models making in close-ups? The one where their lips are slightly parted, like they're either about to say some glamorous French word like "fromage" or "voiture" or "poubelle," or they're mouth-breathing really loudly?

Someone has finally given that face a name: fish gape.

The description is so accurate we're kind of mad we didn't think of it first. We're also amazed at how people make looking like a fish blowing bubbles attractive. This is something we imagine academics will spend decades dissecting in anthropology journals, and we're totally O.K. with that.

Fish gape is a great option when you're too cool to smile for the camera. Since you look like you're in the middle of speaking something beautiful and profound, It's on the opposite end of the candidness spectrum from duck face, which only occurs in the wild among only the spunkiest of toddlers.

Can fish gape really replace duck face in our hearts though? 

While the use of another aquatic creature makes the transition a bit more palatable for us, it's still a lot to get used to. What will group fish gape photos look like? What about ironic fish gape? 

We really don't know what the future holds for our go-to selfie poses, but we do know we're thankful to finally have a name.


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