First Woman In Iraq's History Given Title Of Sheikh After She Dies In Combat Against ISIS Terrorists

Women's rights activist honored.

According to a report by Al Arabiya news, Oumaya Naji al-Jabara is the first woman in Iraq's history to be granted the title of "Sheikha," or tribal leader.

"Jabara is the first woman in Iraq"s history to be given this title. This is to honor her heroic role in fighting ISIS criminals," said Marid Hasoun, head of the Iraqi Tribal Affairs Office, in a statement to the Al Sumaria news.

Jabara, a prominent Sunni politician, fell to sniper fire on June 22 2014 fighting ISIS forces in Iraq three months ago, but not before killing at least three militants with a rocket launcher.

Al Arabiya reports that Jabara, a lawyer and mother of four, was also a women's rights activist and began fighting ISIS invaders when they began their invasion of Iraq's al-Alam district.

Upon hearing of her death, Shiite prime minister Nouri Al-Maliki said "The name of the martyr Umayyah Naji Jabara has been added today to the chapter of Iraqi immortality."

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