This First-Grade Teacher Coined A New Painting Technique Called "Handstamping"

Potential for some real kid prodigies here.

Russell Powell isn't your average elementary school teaching professional. The guy just so happens to run an art studio on the side, Pangaean Studios, where he specializes in a technique he calls "handstamping." He paints shockingly realistic portraits on his hand and does it so fast the paint doesn't even have time to dry. As you can probably guess, he then stamps his hand directly onto paper or whatever surface he wants to grace with this absurd talent.

Powell's San Jose, Calif.-area students get to incorporate his style into their art projects and he's been teaching at the same school for 14 years, so it's a safe bet to assume he's sent more than a few kids along with a healthy appetite for creativity. In addition to generic portraits, Powell likes to paint some popular fictional characters and famous faces such as Bob Marley, John Lennon and various Game of Thrones characters.

As long as he avoids a life of crime considering his handprint is easily available, he's on his way to great things.

Check out some of his awesome work:


Jennifer Lawrence

Good ol' Bob

California Love

Frida Kahlo


Stan Lee

Emilia Clarke aka Daenerys Targaryen

A lion, not necessarily famous, for kicks.

And here's how he gets it done.

Not bad, right?

(H/T: Earth Porm)


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