8 Times That People Proved It's Totally Possible To Create Art On An iPad

The true power of an index finger.

Recent technology puts endless capabilities at our fingertips.

And while critiques may assume that items like iPads deprive humans of their natural skills, that just wouldn't be the case.

Here are a few talented people who create stunning paintings using nothing but their fingers and iPads. That, in itself, is talent.

Jaime Sanjuan who creates hyper-realistic paintings of surreal worlds.

Jaime Sanjuan Jaime Sanjuan

David Chong who skillfully draws celebrities.

David Chong David Chong/Facebook

This 86-year-old art savvy lady who, according to Reddit, is a genuine badass. She did this in 30 minutes.


Kyle Lambert who created the "world's most realistic finger painting" of Morgan Freeman.

Kyle Lambert/YouTube Kyle Lambert/YouTube

This Redditor who was very fast at mastering his iPad and did this dramatic rendering of Harry Potter.


This cat who is world's next Jackson Pollock. Go Mia!


Another self-taught Redditor who mounted a drawing on top of a real image and ended up totally confusing us.


Japanese artist Seikou Yamaoka and his stunning finger painted geishas.

Seikou Yamaoka/Facebook Seikou Yamaoka/Facebook

Okay, this one's not exactly iPad art. Instead, it was done on an iPhone by Jorge Colombo and even made the cover of The New Yorker.

The New Yorker/YouTube

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