Why This Couple Included A 'Finding Nemo' Toy In Their Maternity Shoot

"To my family this means so much more than just a picture."

Many people might look at Tayler Borre's maternity photo with a Finding Nemo toy and assume it's because she a huge Disney fan, but the real reason is much more touching. In a post on Facebook, she revealed why she and her husband, who are expecting a girl, included the plastic fish in their pregnancy photo shoot. 

"On July 2nd, I went for my anatomy scan. It was so great to see her. We saw her little face, her feet, all of her organs were perfect! After the scan I had a regular check up with my doctor and he says he's sending me to a fetal specialist," Borre wrote. "My heart dropped i was so scared ... I asked what was wrong. He didn't go into detail. Well, all he said was her upper half wasn't measuring correctly. So, they sent me to all children's hospital to have a better scan." 


Borre was able to make an appointment for two weeks later, but spent the time leading up to it extremely worried. She didn't know what to expect. "If I didn't feel her all day, I would have anxiety attacks, I had many breakdowns over not knowing what was wrong," she wrote. 

Once she made it to her appointment, Borre had an anatomy ultrasound done and her baby was diagnosed with amniotic band syndrome, or ABS. ABS is a condition in which a fetus becomes entangled in fibrous string-like amniotic bands in the womb causing a restriction in blood flow and impacting the baby's development. If bands are wrapped tightly around a limb, that limb may be amputated. Some babies with ABS are born without an arm or leg or have missing fingers or toes. The cause of ABS doesn't appear to be genetic or hereditary and is, instead, uncertain and considered random, according to The Fetal Treatment Center

"On that day we found out our sweet girl has no left hand," Borre wrote. "It was so hard to hear that, just thinking about how mean people can be towards people who are 'different' and of course not wanting anything to be wrong with your child. But I was also at peace with the news because everything else she measured perfect and she's nice and strong!"

"She is our Nemo. She has a fin thats a little smaller than the other, but she will conquer anything her little heart desires to do!" Borre continued. "This is not a disability or a bad thing, she will be a little rockstar no matter what! She will do it all! We love you so baby girl!" 

She hoped sharing her family's story would help to raise awareness about ABS and remind other parents with children who have the condition that they're not alone. She's done a pretty good job at both, considering her post has been shared over 67,000 times and has over 88,000 reactions on her personal Facebook page. 


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