Forget Waldo And The Pandas: See If You Can Find The Hidden Drake In These Pictures

Hint: You'll have to click the article, because he isn't in the preview.

Yes, we have found the pandas. Yes, we know about Waldo. Enough.

It's now officially time to move on from those shenanigans and onto bigger, better, and Drizzier shenanigans. 

That's right.

A genius (yes, a genius) decided to create a set of "Find the Drake" pictures, where the OVO boss is hiding out ... somewhere.

Trust us, he's definitely there. See if you can find him below.

1. Drake loves his Kentucky Blue brethren.

2. The Force is strong with Drizzy.

3. Drake Story.

4. Call of Drizzy.

5. He's a Belieber, too.

6. Chef Drizzy wit' da shot.

If you found all the Drake's, feel free to celebrate in appropriate fashion.


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