These Bad*ss Women Are Dropping The F-Bomb To Combat Photoshopping Bodies

'Feminists vs. Photoshop.'

While some clothing lines have pledged to leave the Photoshopping of women's bodies in the past — among those being Aerie and ModCloth — the media still has a long way to go toward representing every kind of woman. 

There's a phrase that it uses to refer to non-models and it's "real women." But as advocacy group F*CKH8 pointed out in a recent video, there is no such thing as a real woman. If you're a woman, with a body of any kind, you're real.

To push the point further, it decided to pepper its language with a few F-bombs, slaying stereotypes and reinforcing that beauty comes in all shapes, colors, sizes and abilities.  

"Think of this video as the F-bomb-dropping sister to those popular Dove commercials," the campaign wrote.

It's called "Feminists vs. Photoshop."


"Real women can have curves."

"Real women can have muscles."

"Real women can be big breasted." (Or flat chested.)

"Real women can be skinny."

"Photoshop this."

The point: Women can be whatever the f*ck they are. 

Watch the full video below:


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