This Blog Is Using A Brand You Loved In The '90s To Combat An Important Issue

Need to start following this blog.

If you were a '90s kid who loved rainbows and animals, you were probably in love with everything Lisa Frank had to offer. When it came to school supplies, Lisa Frank reigned supreme in the hearts of many. 

The vibrant colors and adorable animals are now serving another purpose other than getting kids psyched for back-to-school shopping. The Tumblr blog Feminist Lisa Frank uses the brand's images as the backdrop for feminist quotes. Dropping some words of feminist wisdom with rainbow unicorns may be one of the funnest ways to talk about inequality. 

Check out some images from the blog below: 


1. On job equality

2. On friendship

3. On embracing our differences

4. On masculinity

5. On female empowerment

6. On diversity

7. On body image

8. On being sorry

9. On popular culture

10. On paving your own way

11. On consent

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