Looks Can Be Deceiving, And These 2 Female Freestylers Prank A Bunch Of Guys To Prove It

Easy on those boys, ladies.

You might recall a video from a couple of months back where a driving instructors got pranked by a nerdy-looking girl who's actually a professional racer

Well, maxman.tv is back with yet another prank video. This one takes aim at the stereotypes surrounding female soccer players.


It's possible these two ladies do not immediately look like superb soccer players.

Well, don't be fooled.

The two ask to join an all-male soccer match.

The guys don't really seem to have much trust in their skills.

"We'll see," a guy tells to one of the ladies. "You look like you're going to the mall." 

"I can play," she answers. 

And she sure does.

Lets just say, the boys shouldn't be too worried about these two surviving a soccer match...

Because one of them is the first runner up in the Freestyle Football World Championship and the other is one of the top South American freestylers. 

Just watch.

Scoring goals one after another like it's no biggie. Don't let that granny outfit or a tiny skirt trick you.

Lesson certainly learned.

"Female athletes face inequality in salaries, media coverage and recognition," the video points out. "Did you know U.S player Abby Wambach has outscored male players such as Neymar, Benzema and Ronaldinho in international matches?"

You can watch the entire video below.

Some YouTube commenters pointed out that the video felt fake. Whether or not the match itself is a setup, these ladies still have some serious skills and the video sheds light on the important topic of gender equality in sports.

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