Dads Hook Their Kids Up To Lie Detectors And Ask Questions No Father Should Ever Ask. For Their Own Good, Really.

These kids are in so much trouble.

Just a couple of month ago we shared a video where a bunch of moms were hooked up to lie detectors and asked uncomfortable questions by their own kids. Those kids could barely handle the answers.

Now, just in time for Father's Day, the good old lie detector is back. 

But things are a bit different this time. Our beloved dads are now the ones who get to ask the questions.

"Every year we take a day to thank Dad for his undying love and guidance by giving him a new tie," the video's description on YouTube explains. "Except this year, when we gave him the greatest gift of all: the truth."

Well we all love the truth, but we also know that there are questions our parents are simply better off not asking. And yet, this time, they do.

"Have you ever thought about moving out of the house?" one of the fathers asks his son in the video.

"I thought about it, but nah," the son answers.

"So it's gonna be a while then?" Clearly his dad is concerned.

And that was an easy one! Watch the entire video below.


Let's just not lie to our fathers. They will find out. One way or another.

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