Forget An Alarm Clock — This Father Has Some Hilarious Tactics To Get His Daughter Out Of Bed

Wakey, wakey!


We've all been there — trying to wake up in the morning is the biggest struggle. We hit snooze on our alarm clocks, lay in bed scrolling through social media, and drift in and out of a sleepy haze before finally rolling (literally) out of bed and into the world.

But for this 5-year-old, who just wants nothing on her agenda but a little extra beauty rest, waking up is even harder to do.

Her human alarm clock, aka her dad, resorts to just about every tactic to get this sleepyhead up and at 'em.

First, there's "The Wake-up Song..."

Then come the Muppet impressions...

And how about some exercise in bed?

And when all else fails... A spontaneous pillow fight.

It's a wild morning routine that no one could legitimately sleep through. 

Which is why finally, it works, and this little girl is wide awake. If only every morning could start with a pillow fight.


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