This Dad Takes Extreme Father-Son Bonding Maybe A Bit Too Far

Hold on tight.

The connection between a father and his son is a unique one, and the healthiest are built over years and years of patience, learning, and mutual respect. Every dad has a different method in mind for bonding with his boy in the early going — some toss a baseball back and forth across the front lawn, some watch movies inside, some eat delicious food all over the place.

And some — well, maybe just one pair — go drifting together.

For better or worse, Toxa Avdeyev and his boy have skipped all the boring activities and gotten down to the extreme stuff: drifting in a car at blazing high speeds.


For starters, a good drifting car needs the right wheels.

Now it's time to buckle up.

Pretty quickly, the speed shoots way up.

And so does the little guy's terror.

Um, dad ... hey da — DAD!

Eyes-rolling-into-the-back-of-the-head fast.

Can we get McDonald's after this?

We're switching seats next time.

Good bonding sesh. 'Til next time.

Cover image: Toxa Avdeyev via YouTube


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