Custom-Made Vampire Fangs Are A Thing And You Can't Go Another Halloween Without 'Em

Edward Cullen fans, rejoice!

Still wracking your head over a Halloween costume? Not really feeling the entire sexy witch and naughty devil vibe? We've got a better option for you.

Somewhere in the maze of Paris' mysterious cobblestone streets lives a man known to the world as Father Sebastiaan van Houten.

Originally a dental assistant from San Diego, Father Sebastiaan knew he couldn't spend his life whitening other people's teeth. So he ventured into something a little more, uhmm, controversial — vampire subculture.

Having enough dental experience, van Houten started making custom fangs. It didn't take long for him to be nominated as Master Fangsmith and earn the trust of vampire aficionados everywhere.


Check out these razor-sharp babies! They're one of Father Sebastiaan's latest works of art.

According to his website, van Houten not only triumphed the fangsmanship scene, but is the founder and impresario of various vampire-themed events that circle back to 1996.

Sebastiaan has also published several non-fiction books on the subject of vampire culture.

Van Houten made his first set of fangs back in 1994 for his mom and has been obsessed with the craft ever since.

Titled 'vampire dentist' by some, Father Sebastiaan makes custom fangs for clients from all walks of life. Even Wall Street traders.

The important thing is — his fangs are not like those cheap plastic ones you can buy at any drug store before Halloween.

Van Houten makes them from the same authentic dental acrylics and materials used to make dentures, temporary caps and retainers. 

Basically, the fangs are just caps that cover your teeth. They stay on by creating a suction seal, but can easily be removed. A pair of custom made fangs, depending on the style, costs from $130 to $390 and usually lasts up to 3 years.

It's safe to say that van Houten's fake vampire teeth go far beyond the usual Halloween paraphernalia. According to Newsweek, Father Sebastiaan has an entire movement built around his work and calls his successors "Sabretooths."

According to the Master Fangsmith, his fangs are perfect for spicing up your love life or simply meeting people.

When Father Sebastiaan is not making fangs for wicked Parisians, you can find him in his FangShop in New York's East Village.

Well, already fancy a pair?


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