Dad Writes Slightly Embarrassing, Yet Hilarious, Note For The Nanny Of His Five Kids

"Gremlins... errrr, CHILDREN."

Meet Seth King.


The father from Salt Lake City, Utah has five kids — Isabella, Carson, Sophia, Nolan, and Liam. Yep. FIVE. As most of us can imagine, making sure all those kids arrive on time —be it to a soccer practice or to school — is quite the challenge. 

But Mr. King found a way to teach his kids not to be late: He writes them hilariously embarrassing late notes, describing all the absurd reasons why they could not make it on time. King posts the notes on his Instagram LateNotes, and a previous A Plus article highlighted some of our favorites. 

But what started as silly "late notes" to just teachers, quickly turned into notes for everyone, including the kids' nanny.

Because every nanny should know what they're getting into. 

King's note introduces each of his kids to the nanny:

Yep, he puts it all out there.

If you missed A Plus' first article on King, get a recap of some of the hilarious "late notes" he wrote for his kids below: 


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