An Overexcited Dad Dresses His Baby Up Like R2-D2. The Adorable Baby Couldn't Care Less.

Shrugging off the Force.

Star Wars fandom is cranking up into overdrive again as the seventh installment in the franchise, The Force Awakens, is just months away from release. More than anything, that means costumes, costumes, and if fans feel like it (they do), more costumes.


One fan is even getting his baby into it, R2-D2 style.

The dad looks like he's having a way better time than the baby as he spins the infant around to R2-D2's signature beeps and screeches in the background. In the child's defense, it probably doesn't really know what's happening pretty much all of the time, so it's hard to get in character as someone else. Let alone a robot.

Cute though, right? That's all that matters.


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