A Shopper Had The Best Comeback After A Woman Fat-Shamed Her In A Store

"Celebrate each other. Every day."

A woman who was publicly body-shamed while standing in line at a store issued a powerful response about beauty standards.

On Monday, Brynne Huffman ran a couple of errands. Her attire included a white blouse and mid-thigh denim shorts.

"I had yet to wear shorts this season and for me there's always a little hesitance at the beginning of summer," the 39-year-old told PEOPLE. "These were also quite a bit shorter than I usually wear, but with shorter legs, shorter shorts make the legs look a little longer, so I went for it!"

While in line at a UPS store, Huffman wrote on Facebook that a woman made a snarky comment to her, despite wearing a "COEXIST" shirt calling for peace and unity.

"Your hair is really amazing," Huffman said that the woman told her. "You should probably rethink the shorts, though."

Huffman couldn't believe what she had just heard.

"I thought to myself silently, 'Did she really just say what I think she said? Did I misunderstand her?'" Huffman told TODAY. "I thought, 'I'm not going to let this lady chase me out of there.'"

"You should probably rethink your shirt," she told the woman in response.

After the incident, Huffman shared her story and her photo in a Facebook post. She included a call for everyone to put an end to fat-shaming.

"Plus sized doesn't necessarily mean unhealthy," she wrote. "Plus sized doesn't necessarily mean lazy. Plus sized doesn't mean ugly or undesirable or untalented or uncoordinated or LESS. THAN. HUMAN. You might have an issue with my body. I don't. And I've worked very hard past judgmental family and friends, past divorce, past depression to NOT have an issue with my body. Women. Do not tear each other down.

Her Facebook post has received over 400,000 likes since Monday.


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