11 Insanely Creative Burgers You Won't Believe Are Actually Real

The "Heart Breaker Burger" is bound to ease some breakup pain.

French graphic designers Thomas and Quentin found themselves feeling bored with the sandwich options available to them during their lunch breaks. But instead of settling for less than, they let those uninspired sandwiches spark an experiment in their little kitchen. 

They decided to try to build an improvised, but totally creative (and themed) burger.   

"It soon became a kind of a ritual: improvising and experimenting new ways of cooking a burger," they told Business Insider


"The It Girl Burger" 

The French duo have created a wide range of themed burgers from a Jurassic Park creation, to a Neil Armstrong inspired sandwich, to one that paid homage to Marie Antoinette. 

"It takes about an hour and a half to find an idea, run to a supermarket to get everything, cook, eat and take a shot," the guys say on their website. 

Lucky for them and their co-workers, most of their burgers are totally edible, even if they don't seem like it at first glance. 

Check out some of their amazing creations below:

1. "Burger 2045"

It's made using a veggie patty, mustard gelatin, fluorescent lettuce, dehydrated tomato, vegan soya lecithin cheese, and a flourless sesame bun. Underneath are the nitrogen fried potatoes and plutonium flavored soda.

2. "Heatwave Burger"

The pair assembled this one with steak, pickles, lettuce, fried onions and oozing cheddar cheese on top of an ice cream cone. 

3. "Very Kebab Trip"

This kebab burger is made with grilled lamb, salad, tomatoes, onion, white sauce, and harissa, a hot chili pepper paste. 

4. "Yin & Yang Burger"

This one gives you a taste of two very different burgers. One side has grilled bacon, steak and roasted peppers while the other one has grilled chicken, goat cheese, apple slices and olive oil. 

5. "Get Fat B*tcheese"

Cheese fondue in a sesame seed bun. Yum!

6. "Heart Breaker Burger"

Inside of this sesame seed bun, you'll find artichoke hearts, split romaine hearts, tomato, honey vinaigrette and mustard. 

7. "Mystery Box Burger"

For when you can't decide between sushi and a burger. This one is made with raw salmon, smoked bacon, mint, basil, garlic, yogurt sauce, rice cake, rice bun, black sesame seeds, salmon eggs and balsamic cream. 

8. "Happy Birthger!"

This festive burger is created using half-cooked beef with fondant, coulis of red wine and dark chocolate, stewed red onions, slivered almonds, Poire Belle Hélène, goat cheese, parmesan and whipped cream. 

9. "Bun, James Bun"

This adventurous burger is put together using gold tinfoil-wrapped patties, quail eggs, lettuce, crème fraîche, and mini-octopi.

10. "Marie Antoinette Burger"

The pair describe this burger on their blog: "Headless shrimp. Bluefin dismembered. Pistachios shucked. Chopped alfalfa. Fennel finely guillotined. Ginger cream smeared. Cream cheese on bun cutthroat scalped. Tarama revolted." 

11. "Hawaii Burger"

This pineapple themed burger is made using roasted pineapple wedges, sirloin pork caramelized in pineapple juice and spices and melted cheddar finished off with the top of a pineapple. 

(H/T: Fubiz)

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