You Will Never Guess What Secret Talents These 15 Famous Men Have Been Hiding From Us

Benjamin Franklin, you struck us.

1. Rowan Atkinson, widely known as Mr. Bean, has a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, and can also drive a truck.

2. If you ever used Myspace, he was your first friend. Myspace's co-founder Tom Anderson also has an eye for stunning landscape photography.

3. British politician and Prime Minister Winston Churchill had a thing for watercolors.

Wikimedia Commons

4. While imprisoned in Alcatraz, Al Capone, Chicago's infamous gangster, wrote sappy love songs and started a band.

Wikimedia Commons

5. Long-tongued KISS bassist Gene Simmons used to teach sixth graders at a public school in Manhattan.

6. Besides prophecies, Nostradamus wrote a cookbook with some very special recipes. Love jam, for instance.

7. Nazi leader Adolf Hitler loved Disney and doodled his characters a lot.

The Best Film Archives/YouTube

8. Actor Steve Martin is an excellent banjo player.

Funny Or Die/Youtube

9. Former US president George W. Bush paints dogs and bathroom nudes.


10. Fifty years ago, Sir Anthony Hopkins composed a waltz but has never heard it till 2013.

11. Queen's lead singer Freddie Mercury had a diploma in graphic art and design. This is his portrait of Elizabeth Taylor.


12. Christopher Walken is a natural when it comes to tearing up the dance floor. He initially trained as a dancer in music theater at the Washington Dance Studio.

13. Writing was one of Benjamin Franklin's many talents. So he did a 1000-word essay "Fart Proudly" on the subject of why farting is great.

14. Bryan Adams is a skilled photographer. His works have been featured in Vogue, Harper's Bazar, Esquire and more.

15. Not only did this man inspire Twiggy's iconic short bob, Vidal Sassoon was also a hardcore anti-fascist street fighter.

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