This 15-Year-Old Shut Down Her Sexist School Assembly With This Empowering Video About Self-Respect

"I care about myself, and I do have self-respect."


Most students are not fans of school dress codes, as the clothing can be restrictive, and doesn't allow for self-expression through style and fashion choices.  

This repression is bad enough, but things become even more serious when the school policy has a sexist undertone.

When Kambrya College student Faith Sobotker attended a school assembly where pupils were allegedly reprimanded for their wardrobe choices, wearing makeup, and posting "sexy" selfies, she wasn't going to keep quiet about it. 

The 15-year-old posted a powerful video in response to the comments.

In the video filmed by one of her classmates, Sobotker makes it clear that the length of her skirt has nothing to do with her self-respect, nor does it have to do with impressing boys.  

"I don't care about boys, I care about myself. And I do have self-respect."

Sobotker goes on to say that it doesn't matter how she wears her clothes. They can be short, long, or show some skin.

She also makes it clear that this situation is about equality and not being sexualized at such a young age.

"I'm looking for equality. I’m looking for being able to show off my body without being sexualized. I am 15 years old. You do not get to sexualize me like that."

The video ends with cheers from her other female classmates. 

While there are some school dress codes that help students express their true selves, there are others that have come under fire for being sexist. The #IAmMoreThanADistraction tag was created in response to these kind of rules.

Students, especially female students like Sobotker, are making it clear that they are not going to adhere to school dress code rules that objectify them, or are not fair. As Sobotker says the issue is about more than skirt lengths, it is about equality. 

(H/T: Glamour UK)

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