11 Shocking Truths About Workplace Productivity That Change Everything

We lose $1.8 trillion a year.

If you're reading this article during work, then you are probably contributing to your job's workplace productivity deficiency. It is estimated that U.S. employers lose $1.8 trillion annually because of productivity issues. SurePayroll recently published an infographic explaining workplace productivity problems and we're adding a few more important things.

Here are 11 facts about workplace productivity that are mind-boggling and need to be corrected:


1. Summer kills workplace productivity.

Even if the summer is your favorite season, your boss might think otherwise. It turns out that workplace productivity decreases by 20 percent and distractions increase by 45 percent during the summer. It seems that workplaces have more to worry about in the summer than just vacation time.

2. Noisy co-workers are troublesome.

Everyone's had one — a loud co-worker. Noisy people hurt productivity, with 61 percent of people agreeing with that. The worst part is trying to get your noisy work buddy to be quiet.

3. Stress makes it worse.

Feeling the stress from a job can be detrimental to one's health and wellbeing. If that wasn't bad enough, 51 percent of workers say that stress causes people to be less productive.

4. Your social media is cutting into your work time.

With no surprise, employees going onto their social media pages during work wastes valuable time. 31 percent of workers admit to wasting an hour a day on social media, with Facebook being the biggest social media time waster.

5. The weather hurts productivity.

You can't really blame mother nature, but it is a workplace productivity factor. And it's not bad weather, but rather good sunny weather that limits productivity. That means your boss is probably hoping for rain.

6. An open office design might not be the answer.

An open office design has often been considered to be a solution to improve productivity. However, surveys from a few years ago showed that workplace productivity suffered under open office designs. Back to the drawing board.

7. Companies are blocking websites and phone calls.

Many companies are taking productivity issues seriously and implementing stick restrictions. One study found that 73 percent of employers are fighting back. That same study said that 36 percent were blocking certain websites and 25 perfect were preventing personal phone calls. 

8. Productivity solutions beyond the office.

In addition to the numerous benefits of telecommuting, it turns out that productivity might also be one. People who work from home are happier and it turns out more productive. This is something many companies could test out to see if it works for them.

9. Meetings are a big problem.

Since nearly half of workers consider some meetings to be a big problem against productivity, companies should be proactive in ensuring that their workers are engaged during meetings by using technology and meetings should be limited in general.

10. Offices need to re-think their designs.

Although open office designs might not help with productivity, there are other designs that could be useful. Designing workspaces that respect privacy and use the right colors are just a few examples of changes.

11. Managing time for phone calls and emails.

Workers should be focused on improving productivity, especially with regards to technology. One recommendation is to turn off phone notifications and to only check emails at certain times of the day. These little things can add up into major time savers.

(H/T: SurePayroll)

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