Facebook's Study On Online Laughter Reveals That A Popular Phrase Is Dying

Lol? Haha? Hehe? Hoho? No, not hoho.

In a new study called The Not-So-Universal Language of Laughter, Facebook has explored the ways that people express laughter online, be that through text, emoji and beyond. According to the data, gathered from posts and comments on its platform (excluding Messenger), the most common way that people show off their laughter online is through "haha" and its many variants, such as "ha," "hahahahaha" and so on. That accounts for 51.4 percent of people, while emojis sit at 33.7 percent and "hehe," plus its different forms, at 13.1 percent.


So what came in last place?

That's right: "lol" was a measly 1.9 percent. And it looks like it's mostly used by older people:

Breaking things down by gender is also somewhat illuminating:

So it would seem that men favor "haha" and "hehe," whereas women are more likely to use emojis. Beyond that, emojis skew towards a much younger crowd, which is probably a good indicator of what's "cool" now.

Feeling lame? Lol. That'll happen. Just do you.

Cover image: cheriejoyful via Flickr


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